The Rambler

Jacket (original)

Posted in My Poems, Uncategorized by Erik Lloyd Olson on May 21, 2010

How does it feel to wear your former jacket
That carried you through daily joys and strife?
Such semblance of you should not idly sit.
Full on my shoulders let these garments rest
With all my skin against your outline pressed.
In these same clothes you living wore, I place
My longing arms. My eyes begin to trace
The net of seems that holds your laboring life.

My hand explores your pocket’s huge, dark cave
Grasping your trash, your relics left to save:
Here speeding tickets rest you long forgot;
Unbending one, I spy a blurry shot
Of your Ford hellbent on the Brooklyn Bridge.
I drives my thoughts far back to when you’d pledge
“I’ll quit my racing!”, never to avail.
(Still tickets piled up inside our mail.)
Your frequent failures struck home hard at first
But friends soon learned no hand could quench your thirst.


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